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Basically, you do not have to cut blue cypresses at all. However, if you grow the fast-growing conifers as a hedge, you cannot avoid regular pruning. Tips for pruning blue cypress trees.

Since the blue cypress takes a long time to recover from severe pruning, it should only be pruned sparingly

Cutting Tips

  • Cut once or twice a year
  • Always shorten a little
  • If necessary, cut in stages
  • Never cut into old wood
  • Don't forget gloves

Avoid severe pruning. If the blue cypress has grown very tall, it is better to cut it back in stages. If pruned too hard, false cypresses will take a long time to recover.

Do blue cypresses need to be pruned?

As solitary plants, blue cypresses do not need any pruning at all. Even when they are old, the inside of the trees only bare a little if they get enough light.

However, if you have planted very tall varieties, or if the tree is spreading too much, you should use scissors from time to time.

Shorten blue cypresses that have grown too tall in stages. Never cut into scrap wood, always leave a few twigs with a few needles. Otherwise the conifer will turn brown at the cutting points and will not recover from it.

Trim blue cypress hedges more often

In order for a hedge of blue cypress to keep its shape, it needs to be cut back at least once a year.

It has proven useful to cut the blue cypress in the shape of a cone or a column. As a result, the lower branches also get enough light.

That is why pruning after St. John's Day is advisable

Experienced gardeners only cut cypresses after St. John's Day, i.e. June 24th. After this point in time, the conifers will no longer sprout as strongly.

You usually only have to trim the hedge once a year.

Don't forget gloves!

Blue cypresses are poisonous! Therefore, always wear gloves for all care work such as cutting, because even skin contact can damage the skin.

Don't leave the clippings unattended when pets are running around in the yard.


You should never put the branches of the blue cypress on the compost. They contain substances that interfere with the rotting of the compost. However, the chopped branches are good for mulching the soil under hedges, as this prevents weeds from emerging.

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