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Cornus cherries grow very slowly. Regular pruning is therefore superfluous - unless you want to plant the ecologically valuable tree as a hedge. When is the best time and what you should consider when cutting cornelian cherries.

The cornel should be cut after flowering

Cut cornelian cherries

The cornel is considered to be very tolerant of pruning, even if it is not necessary to cut the tree regularly. A cut may be necessary for the following reasons:

  • Thin out
  • pruning
  • Cut as a hedge
  • cut cuttings

Thin out after flowering

Like all early bloomers, cornelian cherries are best pruned immediately after flowering. Since the blossoms and later the fruits grow on the one-year-old wood, you should only thin out the tree carefully.

With each cut, you remove flowers and fruit, which are good food sources for bees, bumblebees, birds, and many other garden dwellers.

Prune the cornel heavily

Severe pruning may be necessary if the plant has grown too large or spread too much.

This is also done after flowering. You can cut away as much as you like. The cornel does not mind a strong pruning.

However, she may not flower much or at all for two years after that.

Cut cornel cherries in the hedge

Hedges of cornelian cherries are shaped in the spring after flowering. It also applies here that the trees only bloom a little and bear fruit if the topiary is very strong.

Propagating cornelian cherries from cuttings

Cornelian cherries can be propagated quite well via cuttings. Opinions differ as to when the best time to cut the cuttings is.

Some gardening experts recommend pruning cuttings after flowering. Others consider winter to be the best time.

In fact, both methods work. Cut shoots about 20 centimeters long that are only half woody and remove the lower leaves. Simply stick the cuttings into the ground in place.


Cornelian cherries grow very slowly. However, the hardy, disease-resistant trees can grow very tall over time, reaching up to six meters. If you want to harvest cornel cherries yourself, you should trim the tree regularly.

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