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The lady's eye (Coreopsis) belongs to the daisy family and is an annual or perennial perennial with a particularly long flowering period in late summer. If the right location is chosen for the lady's eye, also known as the pretty face, it provides color accents in the perennial bed with relatively little care.

The girl's eye likes sunny summer meadows

The girl's eye likes it sunny and warm

The Maideneye does well in the garden, even in full sun, but it should be exposed to direct sunlight for at least half the day. Since the plants can also cope well with temporary drought, they are also suitable for greening and coloring problem areas such as sandy slopes, provided there is a sufficiently humus-rich soil layer with enough nutrients. As a bed edging in the cottage garden, the lady's eye is a colorful alternative to evergreen plants such as box and privet.

The culture of pretty faces in a pot

Since the damsel's eye does not tolerate waterlogging very well, the following utensils should be used to ensure that the liquid drains off when cultured in a bucket:

  • Pot with drainage holes
  • crushed potsherds
  • garden fleece

The potsherds from broken plant pots are first placed in the plant pot with drainage holes. The fleece is placed on top of this to prevent the gaps in the pot from becoming clogged with the substrate.


Depending on the soil conditions, the Maiden's Eye should also be watered during long dry periods in summer. However, with a layer of mulch, you can improve the soil's ability to hold liquid, so you just need to water less often.

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