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Because of its attractive flowers, the lady's eye is also popularly known as the beautiful face and is an integral part of many cottage gardens and perennial beds. One of the most important care measures for plants to thrive is pruning at the right time.

The Maideneye is also suitable as a cut flower for the vase

When gardening close to nature, it is usually not cut until spring

Pruning perennials in spring can have the following benefits:

  • the self-sowing of seeds within a perimeter of a site
  • a winter quarters for various beneficial insects
  • the easier identification of different plant varieties after the snowmelt

If you like to take care of your garden as naturally as possible, then you can leave the herb from the ladybugs over the winter as a protective roost for ladybugs and other beneficial insects. In addition, the young plants that have sprung up through self-sowing can be discovered in spring and carefully transplanted.

Reasons for pruning in the fall

If you do not attach much importance to self-sowing, but rather to a tidy look in the garden, then there are various reasons for pruning the beautiful faces in autumn. If you prune the plants back to just above the ground immediately after flowering, you will prevent uncontrolled sowing of the seeds and encourage the plants to produce new buds. This not only promotes the abundance of flowers in the next vegetation phase, but sometimes short-lived subspecies can also be saved over the winter.

Cut during flowering and as a cut flower

The flowering period for the girls' eye usually extends from about July to September. Since not all flowers bloom at the same time, individual flowers also regularly wither during this period. If you prune the plant right back where it has flowered, you won't be able to harvest seeds, but you may stimulate the production of additional flowers in the same year. If you want to bring some of the flowers indoors in a vase, you should cut off the flowers early in the morning. This way your bouquet of girls' eyes stays fresh for as long as possible in the vase.


If you notice an infestation of powdery mildew on your girl's eye, you should quickly and generously cut out the affected areas and burn the cutting material in a controlled manner. This will prevent it from spreading further and spreading to other plants.

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