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The lady's eye (Coreopsis) is also known as the pretty face because of its graceful flowers reminiscent of small sunflowers. The grateful perennial was often grown in cottage gardens in the past and primarily inspires gardeners with its low demands and large abundance of flowers.

The girl's eye flowers in many different colors

A summery ornament with staying power

Depending on the subspecies and the climatic conditions, the lady's eye is annual or perennial and, after a vigorous pruning to just above the ground, grows into a bush about 60 centimeters high every year. Some subspecies can also grow much more upright and reach heights of up to 2 meters with a support. After a few years in one location, bushy plants form a particularly large number of flower stalks, on which the perennial flowers of the lady's eye bloom with a slight delay from July to September.

Mix different Coreopsis species

The girl's eye is available in a wide variety of subspecies in specialist shops, for example in the following flower colors:

  • Bright yellow
  • Delicate white
  • pink
  • Red

You can get particularly attractive flower beds if you mix different colors and star-shaped and double-flowered species.


If you don't want to harvest seeds, you can regularly remove dead flowers from the damsel's eye to encourage the formation of more flowers.

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