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title: Cucumbers in the greenhouse - half the harvest is well coiled

Cucumbers or cucumbers are grown in greenhouses, especially in colder regions. Because they love warmth, moisture and light. In order to be able to harvest and enjoy the tastiest cucumbers, here are the best tips for choosing a variety, growing, caring for and harvesting cucumbers in the greenhouse.

Which cucumber varieties thrive better under glass?

Not all cucumbers tolerate the greenhouse climate. Therefore, pay attention to the relevant information when buying seeds or plants. If you want to grow cucumbers in the greenhouse as early as possible without heating, simply use outdoor varieties such as the country cucumber Tanja. Other recommended greenhouse varieties are the cucumber Helena or the following F1 hybrids:

  • Kalunga F 1 - aromatic variety, up to 35 centimeters long
  • Doninica F1 - mild flavor, up to 30 centimeters long variety

These two snake cucumber varieties are sensitive to wind and cold. They prefer the constant, moist warmth and the wind-protected place under glass. However, a shade net should protect them against the heat of the blazing midday sun.

Preparing, pricking out and growing cucumbers under a roof

Cucumbers can be grown in pots in a temperature-controlled greenhouse from March. Place 2 seeds in a pot half-filled with potting soil and cover with a finger-thick layer of soil. If the humidity is high and the temperature is at least 20°C, the seed will germinate in 1 to 2 weeks. As soon as the first leafy greens begin to emerge, discard weak seedlings. So that one young plant per pot continues to grow.

From May you can then grow one cucumber plantlet per square meter in the greenhouse. For the long and fast-growing shoots, the cucumbers need a climbing aid in order to climb up in a controlled manner. As soon as the main shoot wants to go through the roof, divert it in another direction using the climbing aid and pinch off after 30 centimetres.

Care tips for cucumbers in the greenhouse

Even before planting greenhouse cucumbers, it is advisable to improve the soil quality with manure, compost or horn meal. During the season, organic fertilizer and nutrients such as potassium and phosphorus support healthy and productive growth. The timely pinching of the side shoots also has a positive effect on the blossom and fruit set. During fruiting, cucumbers in the greenhouse absorb a particularly large amount of water. Therefore, water the cucumbers sufficiently and correctly every day, but avoid waterlogging.

Optimal protection against diseases and pests

Cucumbers are better protected from pests indoors than outdoors. Typical greenhouse cucumbers Diseases and pests such as spider mites can be avoided.


Check regularly that the tendrils are not slipping and snapping off! Especially when the weight of ripe fruit pulls the plants down. It is better to wind cucumber shoots around the trellis and fasten them more often.

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