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A moss ball in the aquarium immediately catches the eye of every observer simply because of its shape. It usually lies freely on the ground, in the front, clearly visible area of the tank. Alternatively, can it be bound to objects?

If the moss ball is not attached properly, it loses its beautiful shape

Spherical shape demands freedom

The moss ball is not a type of moss whose natural form is the ball. Rather, it is a collection of thread-like green algae. They are intertwined in such a way that they form a sphere. However, this geometric shape is rather the exception and also rarely occurs in nature. That's why it's not easy to multiply moss balls.

In order for the ball to retain its shape and be lush green all around, it has to keep moving. In nature, this is done by the water current and perhaps also by the movement of larger fish. In the aquarium, their owner has to move or turn them manually on a regular basis. That would not be easily possible after untying. That's why whole moss balls are not tied up.

Sharing a moss ball

The situation is different with a cut moss ball, which has been robbed of its old form as a result. The individual pieces of moss may and can be tied up. For this we offer:

  • stones
  • root pieces
  • other decorative items

The moss lays on it like a green carpet, which can slowly even increase in size. It develops into a much-visited green meadow for shrimp.

Untie pieces of moss

After finding one or more suitable items to untie, you can cut the ball open to fit. If possible, do all the work outside of the water basin because it is easier to do then.

The piece of moss is optimally placed on the object and then fixed in its position with a nylon thread. Finally, the finished work is placed at its destination.


Instead of tying up the piece of moss, you can also glue it with a special aquarium glue. This has the advantage that no fastening thread is visible.

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