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The "Pink Kisses" variety is one of the most popular perennial carnations. No wonder, because: In addition to the beguiling name, the flower responsible for it, which is pink with a bordeaux red center, inspires - a true optical-sensual dream. In our article you will receive specific information about this magnificent perennial and some tips for proper care.

The perennial carnation "Pink Kisses" needs little water

A short portrait of the perennial carnation "Pink Kisses".

The "Pink Kisses" variety is a fragrant eye-catcher. Apart from the enchanting pink-burgundy color combination and beautiful flower shape, the fact that this perennial carnation spoils the hobby gardener with its flowers for many months is a delight. The flowering period extends from March to September. Accordingly, the perennial carnation shines from spring to late summer. In addition, the popular variety grows beautifully branched and yet compact. It reaches heights of up to 20 centimeters. And it gives off a wonderful scent.

Possible uses of the "Pink Kisses"

You can use the perennial carnation "Pink Kisses" in different ways. Here are some ideas:

  • as the dominant part in a luminous garden bed
  • as a pot carnation on the balcony or terrace as well as in front of the house entrance

How to properly care for the perennial carnation "Pink Kisses".

One of the great advantages of the beautiful perennial carnation "Pink Kisses" is that it is very easy to care for. With the plant's stunning appearance, one would think it would require a great deal of dedication and effort. In fact, however, the exact opposite is the case. You don't have to do much to create optimal conditions for the perennial. We briefly summarize the most important points:

  • The perennial carnation "Pink Kisses" is extremely hardy.
  • It prefers a semi-shady location, but can also cope well with blazing sun.
  • The planting distance should be at least 30 centimeters.
  • The evergreen perennial carnation has a low water requirement. So it just needs to be watered regularly to keep it from drying out. However, there is nothing more to be considered with regard to watering - except that waterlogging must be avoided.
  • It is absolutely sufficient to fertilize the "Pink Kisses" once a month.

With proper care, the perennial carnation "Pink Kisses" will give you many years of pleasure. It is suitable both as a present for yourself and as a gift for a person close to you - especially your partner.

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