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As a houseplant, the coconut palm hardly needs changed conditions in winter. However, if you have your palm tree on the balcony in summer, give it a warm, bright place in the living room or in the greenhouse in winter.

Even in winter, the coconut palm needs a lot of light. In the tropics, where it is actually at home, the days are about the same length throughout the year. If you want it to grow and thrive in your living room, give it 12 hours of light every day. So-called daylight lamps are particularly suitable for this.

The right winter care for your coconut palm

In winter you can do without fertilizing your coconut palm and reduce the watering a little. However, the soil should not become too dry. Other than that, nothing really changes in terms of maintenance. Sufficiently high humidity and plenty of light are also important in winter. Spray your coconut tree regularly with lukewarm water even in winter if you don't have a humidifier installed.

Slightly lower temperatures than in summer will not cause any damage to your coconut palm, but it should not fall below 16 °C permanently, but temperatures of at least 20 °C would be better. The plant may go into a kind of hibernation and grow little or not at all during this time.

Ideal winter conditions for your coconut palm:

  • 12 hours of light daily
  • If possible, do not heat below 16 °C for a long time
  • always wet roots

tips and tricks

Coconut palms also need a lot of warmth and light in winter. Illumination with a daylight lamp for 12 hours a day is ideal.

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