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The Christmas rose is absolutely easy to care for. The plant, which also tolerates shade well, only really resents two things. One is too lime-poor, compacted plant substrate, the other a too warm place in the middle of the sun. How to find the right location for the snow rose.

The Christmas rose likes it bright but shady

A shady spot in the garden

A location in the garden that meets the following conditions is ideal:

  • Bright
  • Gladly shady
  • No direct sun
  • sheltered from the wind

The snow rose thrives very well under deciduous trees or shrubs. They provide shade and shed leaves in autumn, which serve as a mulch layer for the Christmas rose.

If you have planted the snow rose under conifers, you must keep an eye on the lime content of the soil.

The right location for Christmas roses in tubs

The bucket with the Christmas rose should be in a bright, preferably shady place on the terrace or balcony. Direct sunlight, especially in summer, must be avoided.

This is where the Christmas rose in the house is at its best

The Christmas rose is not a houseplant and only belongs in the house when it is in bloom. During this time, it thrives best when the pot is in a cool window. When it's out in the sun, it needs some sunscreen. A north window is even better.

After flowering, place the Christmas rose either outdoors in a bucket or plant it in a favorable location in the flower bed in spring.

tips and tricks

To loosen the soil in the flower pot, put some sand underneath. It has also proven useful to mix small Styrofoam balls under the plant substrate. The beads prevent the soil from compacting over time.

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