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Birch plants mostly come from the temperate zones of the northern hemisphere. The trees, which appear so delicate, are correspondingly resilient. However, if she were allowed to choose, there would be some conditions that a birch would place on her location. In addition, the environment benefits if you plant your birch well thought out.

Birch trees are not very demanding when it comes to their location

The most important criteria

Birch trees are extremely hardy down to -45 degrees Celsius and can also survive in poor conditions. Nevertheless, the birch is one of the most light-hungry trees of all. A full sun location is ideal.

soil condition

Slightly moist open spaces are best suited for planting a birch. Peat soils as well as gravelly or sandy clay and loam soils offer optimal conditions. The pH of the soil should be neutral to acidic, between five and eight points.

This is to be avoided

Since the birch, as a shallow root, is very energetic in its search for water, locations near paved or otherwise built-up areas are not advisable. Overall, you should plan enough space for the tree, which is at least 30 meters high and grows extremely expansively. It is also important not to cultivate birch trees in the vicinity of allergy sufferers.

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