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The exotic harlequin willow impresses with its striking appearance. The lush green foliage and the pink flowers are particularly well expressed in the spherical shape. Especially as a standard tree, this look can be maintained all year round with a few simple tips on the right cut. Read this page to learn how and when to prune it.

Harlequin willows grow quite quickly and thus lose their shape


The harlequin willow is known for its rapid growth. If the wounds have healed after a pruning, new shoots will form after a short time. Regularity is therefore the be-all and end-all when it comes to maintaining shape. It is advisable to carry out a pruning once a year. Shape cuts can be made as often as you like in the following months. You will recognize the need for such a topiary if the branches are too close together.


The right time for pruning is spring before the leaves sprout. In this way you strengthen the subsequent new growth. In summer it is necessary, especially with tall stems, to ensure the desired growth form by thinning out again and removing protruding branches. Harlequin willows often lose the growth form they have just trimmed as early as May.
You should carry out the last topiary in late summer. If you cut your plant too late in autumn, there is a risk that it will sprout again in the same year. This costs the tree a lot of energy. As a result, there is a high probability that the harlequin willow will lack resources for the upcoming winter.


  1. Remove old or weak branches immediately at the base
  2. Trim the remaining branches to a third of their length
  3. Never cut off more than three eyes
  4. Do not cut into the grafted trunk
  5. Feel free to shorten the branches more than too little. This ensures a stronger shoot

Cut back harlequin willow radically

Don't be afraid to prune your harlequin willow heavily at least once a year. After only a short time, the stem will sprout again. Otherwise it could happen that the attractive spherical shape of the crown grows together over time. Thanks to the rapid growth of the harlequin willow, you do not have to worry about any pruning errors. Unesthetic interventions disappear within a short time.

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