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Planting a harlequin willow is a worthwhile investment. With conscientious care, the little tree will soon shine with pink flowers and attract everyone's attention. However, the plant naturally makes a few demands on the location. Otherwise, the harlequin willow is extremely easy to care for. Read here what you need to look out for when planting the Japanese ornamental willow.

The harlequin willow likes it warm and bright


The harlequin willow loves warm and bright locations. A special feature of the tree is its bright green foliage. If the harlequin willow lacks light, however, the leaves do not color as intensely as expected. However, the blazing sun is equally damaging. When this happens, the leaves curl up unsightly as their liquid evaporates. A sunny to partially shaded location is therefore ideal.


It is best to plant your harlequin willow as a solitary plant to showcase its imposing appearance.


The harlequin willow, on the other hand, makes fewer demands on the soil. With a few tips, however, you can promote the development of your tree:

  • Conventional garden soil is sufficient for the harlequin willow
  • Ideally, enrich them with mulch (€239.00) or compost
  • Provide the harlequin willow with sufficient nutrients
  • Keep the substrate constantly moist
  • The soil should store the irrigation water

How to hibernate?

To plant a harlequin willow in your own garden, you have two options:

  • Put the harlequin willow in the ground
  • Cultivate the harlequin willow in the pot

If you consider the aspects mentioned above, the first variant proves to be particularly easy to care for. Except for the regular pruning, you hardly have to pay any attention to the tree. Even in winter the plant is frost hardy.
For potted plants, on the other hand, winter protection is required:

  • Wrap the pot with a burlap sack
  • Cover the substrate with a layer of mulch
  • store the harlequin willow in the fresh air, despite the frosty temperatures

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