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Thuja or tree of life is excellent as a hedge, but is also popular as a single tree. The maintenance is quite easy. It is more important to find a favorable location and to ensure good soil conditions. This is what proper care for Thuja looks like.

Thujas like it slightly damp

What is the best way to water Thuja?

  • Water regularly
  • Always keep the soil slightly moist
  • Avoid waterlogging
  • Use rainwater if possible

Thuja needs a lot of water, especially in the early days, without waterlogging occurring. So water regularly, if possible with rainwater.

Later, the tree of life always needs water when it is very dry.

What should be considered when fertilizing the tree of life?

When fertilizing, you have to show sensitivity, because over-fertilizing is harmful. Coniferous fertilizers, which are administered in the spring, are suitable.

You can also supply Thuja with blue grain and Epsom salt, but you have to pay close attention to the dosage here.

Over-fertilization is noticeable when the needles become lighter and lighter. You can treat such chlorosis by watering Thuja heavily to better distribute the nutrients.

When and how do you prune thuja?

You can prune thuja all year round, except during frost. The best time for pruning is early spring before budding. Now cut back the thuja hard, but not down to the old wood.

A second cut can be made in summer, but this is done very carefully. Only remove shoots that disturb the overall picture or have dried up.

Cut on an overcast day when it is not raining. Sunlight causes brown discolouration at the interfaces, which looks very unattractive.

Can a tree of life be transplanted?

Think carefully about where to create a thuja hedge or plant a single tree. Once the tree of life has grown, it is very difficult to get it out of the ground again. The roots are very strong and difficult to dig up without damaging them. Transplanting older trees is quite impossible without using heavy equipment.

Plant thuja in a tub when the pot is too small. Spring is the best time to repot.

What diseases and pests can occur?

Fungal infestation mainly occurs with insufficient care and plants that are too dense. There are a number of fungal spores that cause problems with Thuja. In addition, the leaf miner is more common.

How is thuja overwintered?

Thuja is hardy and does not need special protection if you grow it in the garden. You should only water the tree of life on frost-free days when the winter is very dry.

Maintain Thuja in a bucket, place the pot on an insulating surface and overwinter it in a somewhat sheltered place. Occasional watering is also necessary here.


Do not plant thuja too close to roads or paths that are treated with road salt in winter. The salt is very bad for the tree of life and turns the needles brown.

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