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A change of location means a special ordeal for every maple. Although the procedure always involves a risk of failure, you can prevent potential dangers in advance. This guide explains how to successfully transplant a maple tree.

Fall is the best month for transplanting maples

Choosing a date and preparing - tips & tricks for a successful event

A tried and tested rule of thumb states that a maple tree can cope with moving to a new location within the first 5 years. The best time for the measure is during the leafless period between October and February. However, the preparatory work will already begin in the summer. How to arm your maple for the stress:

  • 4 to 6 months before transplanting, cut off the root disc all around in the radius of the crown
  • Widen the cut area into a trench 10 to 20 cm wide
  • Fill the furrow with compost and water regularly
  • Cover the ditch with bark mulch in summer

Thanks to this approach, you motivate the maple tree to increase the growth of fine roots, which later promote rapid rooting at the new location.

Instructions for transplanting - how to do it right

On the selected date, first cut back the crown by a third. In this way you compensate for the lost root volume. Then dig out the root ball - starting from the compost ditch. How to proceed:

  • Beat the root ball into a jute sack (€10.99) with as much soil as possible
  • At the new location, dig the pit so deep that the previous planting depth is retained
  • Insert the maple tree in the middle and fill the cavities with compost
  • Tread the soil firmly and water generously
  • Water regularly in the following weeks

For improved stability before rooting, we suggest the following measure: At a distance of 30 cm, drive 3 wooden posts about 50 cm deep into the ground around the maple. Connect the supports and trunk with coconut ropes.


Autumn is not the best time to transplant the wood for frost-sensitive slotted maples. The Asian shrubs and small trees are no longer able to take root in the ground in time before winter and are threatened by frost damage. Early spring is the better choice of date in this exceptional case.

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