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When life is pulsating right up to the shoot tips in early summer, this is the best time for propagating maple with cuttings. This guide will walk you through the simple process, step-by-step. Benefit from useful tips for speedy rooting.

Maple cuttings should be pruned in spring

Cut cuttings professionally - this is how it works

In the transition from spring to summer, the time window for cutting cuttings opens. Since all maple species are susceptible to fungal attack, please clean the scissors carefully. Here’s how to do it professionally:

  • Young, semi-lignified, non-flowering shoots cut with a length of 12-15 cm
  • Remove leaves in the lower half
  • Cut the shoot ends about 2 cm long and dip in rooting powder

No more than 2 pairs of leaves should remain in the top half of a cutting. Very large leaves are cut in half to reduce the degree of evaporation.

Skillfully plant, care for and plant - you should pay attention to that

Please fill a medium-sized plastic pot with potting soil for each cutting. Place a prepared shoot two-thirds into the substrate, press the soil firmly and pour in room-warm water. This is how it goes on:

  • Put a transparent plastic bag over each growing pot and tie it together at the bottom
  • Alternatively, place the cutting pots in a propagator (recommended)
  • Water regularly and do not fertilize in the partially shaded, warm window seat
  • When the pot is fully rooted, repot a cutting

In the rarest of cases, a sufficiently strong root system has formed for successful planting by the time of planting in autumn. Therefore, continue to care for your pupils in winter with room-warm water. Regular airing prevents mold growth. Specimens with more than 3 pairs of leaves receive diluted liquid fertilizer every 4 weeks. In the spring, plant out the maple trees you have propagated yourself in a sunny to semi-shady location, provided there is no longer a risk of frost.


Sowing seeds comes into focus when you want to grow a whole flock of young maple trees. Of course, the generative form of propagation puts the gardener on the rack for much longer than vegetative propagation by cuttings. In order to overcome the germination inhibition of maple seeds, a cold stimulus of 8 to 12 weeks is required in advance.

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