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Oyster mushrooms - also known as veal mushrooms - have their own distinctive aroma. Fresh mushrooms have a firm, fleshy bite - but they don't last long. However, they can be preserved well by drying them, and they even gain in flavor as a result.

Dried oyster mushrooms have a very long shelf life

Drying Oyster Mushrooms - That's how it's done

Drying is probably the oldest method of preserving mushrooms. It is very important that the drying process runs very quickly. Oyster mushrooms should not be dried as a whole, but cut into thin slices. It is best to buy a commercially available dehydrator or fruit dryer with a blower and heating coil. In such a device, the mushrooms will be completely dried within a few hours. This is important so that the mushrooms do not start to mold during storage.

Dry the oyster mushrooms in the oven

Alternatively, you can also use the convection oven at 50 to 70 °C. You should leave the oven door ajar so that the moist air can escape. For example, you can clamp a wooden cooking spoon between the door and the oven. On the other hand, threading on twine, as can sometimes be seen in women's magazines, is not a suitable method. Here the drying process takes too much time and the mushrooms quickly become moldy. It is best to store the dried mushrooms in well-closed Tupperware or plastic bags. You can keep the dried oyster mushrooms for a long time if stored in a dry, cool and dark place.

Properly prepare dried mushrooms

Dried oyster mushrooms must be soaked in water for about two hours, but at least 30 minutes, before preparation. You can also soak them overnight and cook them the next day. The mushrooms lose their toughness in the process, as does prolonged cooking. You can use the soaking water as a basis for soups and sauces.

Make your own mushroom seasoning

A very aromatic seasoning can also be produced from dried oyster mushrooms or mixed mushrooms by simply grinding the dried mushrooms very finely with a coffee grinder or blender. This mushroom powder can be mixed with other dry spices (e.g. salt, paprika powder, curry and dried herbs such as thyme, marjoram or lovage) and used as a base for soups and sauces.


If you want to preserve oyster mushrooms as quickly as possible, you can also freeze them.

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