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The oyster mushroom or oyster mushroom is one of the most popular edible mushrooms. You can find it in the forest between December and March, mainly on beech and oak trees, but you can also cultivate it at home. Before preparation, the fresh mushrooms should be cleaned thoroughly.

Oyster mushrooms should not be washed

Clean the oyster mushrooms fresh and process them further

Mushrooms collected in the forest are roughly pre-cleaned on site. If the hat is very slimy, you should carefully peel off the hat skin. You can also cut away tough stems. At home, the mushrooms should be cleaned on the same day if possible in order to be safe from later surprises. The next day everything else is often eaten by maggots, which can also affect the externally good mushrooms. If everything is cleaned and the mushrooms are stored in a cool place, the subsequent processing can also be postponed to the next day.

Always wipe dry and do not wash

You should always clean oyster mushrooms dry, i.e. never wash them, otherwise they will absorb an unnecessarily large amount of moisture and lose a lot of their aroma. For cleaning you need a wooden or plastic board, a pointed paring knife and a mushroom brush or a round brush. You should also have kitchen paper, a sieve for the cleaned mushrooms and an old newspaper for the waste. First, the mushrooms are cleaned with kitchen paper or by scraping with a knife. Sometimes it is enough if you just rub the hat with your fingers. Once the hat and stem are clean, tap the top of the hat with the palm of your hand or a knife to clean the fins. Carefully remove remaining dirt or small animals with the mushroom brush or a fine brush.

What you need to pay special attention to when cleaning forest mushrooms

Don't forget to cut the mushrooms lengthwise and check for maggots. Mad spots can simply be cut away or scratched out. If the mushrooms only have individual worm burrows, they can still be easily sliced and dried.

Properly store prepared mushrooms

Like meat and fish, mushrooms are perishable foods. The mushroom protein decomposes quickly and can lead to severe food poisoning. Carefully cleaned, unchopped mushrooms and leftovers from mushroom dishes should therefore only be kept well refrigerated for about half a day to a day.


Never store or prepare oyster mushrooms or other mushrooms in aluminum containers.

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