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On the south side of the house, sunbathers step into the limelight from the plant kingdom. Survivalists who don't just hang their heads in the summer heat and drought are in demand here. Here you can find out which plants will set the scene for your front yard throughout the year.

A front yard can bloom at any time of the year

Sun-loving leading plants - eye-catchers for the south side

Where there is no lack of sunshine, the hour strikes for magnificent flowering shrubs as solitary leading plants. The Japanese carnation cherry (Prunus serrulata) is at its most beautiful in the front yard on the south side. Butterfly bushes (Buddleja davidii) are the best choice as an eye-catcher in a romantic country house garden.

Heralds of spring for the sunny front yard

When the first warm rays of sunshine herald that spring is approaching, the south-facing front yard should not be left without flowers. So think of colorful eye-catchers as early as autumn and plant the bulbs of the following flowers in the ground:

  • Snow crocus (Crocus chrysanthus) and Snow Glory (Chionodoxa luciliae) for flowering from February
  • Dwarf iris (Iris histrioides) and grape hycinth (Muscari azureum) for flowering from March
  • Daffodils (Narcissus) and Tulips (Tulipa) for flowering from April

On the other hand, classic signs of spring, such as snowdrops and anemones, do not feel right on the south side of the house.

Summer blossoms without ifs and buts

Perennials from the Mediterranean region are particularly suitable for midsummer conditions. Therefore, homeowners like to opt for a Mediterranean design if the front yard is on the south side. The following plants will not let you down even in the blazing heat of the sun:

  • Flowering container plants: oleander (Nerium oleander), lemon tree (Citrus limon) and pomegranate (Punica granatum)
  • Bedding plants: sky-blue lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and bright yellow coneflower (Rudbeckia)
  • Sun-loving herbs: fragrant thyme (Thymus), blooming lavender (Origanum vulgare) or sage (Salvia)

The photinia 'Red Robin' (Photinia fraseri) exudes the magic of the Mediterranean. The evergreen, hardy ornamental shrub is recommended as a magnificent enclosure for the sunny front garden and inspires with bright red leaf sprouting and white spring flowers.


So that your front garden on the south side also presents itself in a well-tended shine in winter, the focus is on decorative leaf perennials with colored foliage. The wonderful purple bells (Heuchera) shine with chocolate-brown, silvery-green or orange-caramel colored leaves even in the blazing winter sun. Among the shrubs, the winter snowball (Viburnum x bodnantense) causes a sensation with pink and white flowers from November to April.

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