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When designing the front yard, walls act as boundaries, privacy screens or room dividers. In view of the diverse tasks and multifaceted styles, the question is obvious which type of wall really fits. Find out more about the most common wall types for the front yard here.

A gabion wall is conceivable to limit the front yard

Dry wall - close to nature and decorative

You can build a dry stone wall of any desired height from broken natural stones. Light limestone creates a Mediterranean flair, while gray diabase, granite or greywacke create an elegant, subtle effect. The rough stones are piled up on a frost-proof foundation, whereby mortar can usually be dispensed with. The resulting niches are ideal for greening a dry stone wall with plant bags, blue cushion, phlox or other rock garden plants.

Gabion wall - privacy protection in a modern way

In order to equip the modern front garden with a stylish wall, the gabion wall is at the top of the list of popular wall types. We have summarized the outstanding properties of this stylish construction for you below:

  • Galvanized, stackable wire baskets in many sizes, filled with quarry stones, gravel or crushed stone
  • Uncomplicated but exhausting construction on your own possible
  • Fastened from hip height with steel posts cast in concrete, from a height of 200 cm with a frost-proof concrete foundation

In the front yard on a slope, gabion walls are often used to support the slope, as they do not require drainage due to their permeability. Think about the design during construction, integrate lighting fixtures or plant bags between the stones.

Brick wall - quick-change artist for the front yard

The classic garden wall made of bricks has lost none of its topicality for front garden design. With a little manual skill, you can easily build the wall yourself. In order to perfectly match the visual appearance to your ideas, plaster or clad the masonry as you wish. From trendy textured plaster in beautiful colors to shingle or quarry stone cladding, there are no limits to your design ideas.


If no wall type meets your expectations, a hedge is the perfect alternative. With fast-growing flowering shrubs, your front garden will have a decorative privacy screen for the summertime in no time at all. Protect your privacy all year round with an evergreen hedge of boxwood, yew or holly.

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