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The creative front garden design cannot do without floral protagonists. With hydrangeas you give the imaginative appearance the ideal leading figure, whose flower magic nobody can resist. You can find out here how the romantic flower stars are perfectly staged.

Hydrangeas bring color to the front yard

In the center or as a backdrop - tips for placement

Huge flower balls and majestic shape are the outstanding attributes of garden hydrangeas. Thanks to these properties, the magnificent flowering shrubs have the potential to replace a tree as a lead plant. You can also create visual depth in the small front yard by using higher shrubs as a backdrop for perennials and flowers. How to skillfully integrate hydrangeas into the planting plan:

  • As a central figure in the center of the front garden, surrounded by a small boxwood hedge
  • In the large front garden ideally flanked with rose-covered obelisks
  • Settled in the background as a blooming summer backdrop for small perennials, shrubs and flowers

Hydrangeas are indispensable as a design element if you create your front yard as a cottage garden. Here the task of the flowering bushes is to set authentic accents as solitaires in the crossroads and as flowering greenery on the picket fence.

Recommended hydrangeas for the front garden - a selection

A wide range of species and varieties makes choosing the ideal hydrangea for the front yard a difficult task. To support your decision-making process, we present the following triumvirate of flowering shrubs:

  • Ball hydrangea 'Annabelle' inspires with furious, white flower balls in the modern and classic front garden alike
  • Panicle hydrangea 'Limelight' boasts an interplay of colors from light green to white and pink
  • Hydrangea 'Kardinal' catches the eye with dark red flowers from July to September

To create a small garden with hydrangeas, focus on the enchanting plate hydrangea 'Rosalba'. The flowering shrub remains at a height of 120 to 150 cm and blooms with pink-white or ice-blue plate-like flowers, depending on the pH of the soil.


The pivotal point in the professional care of hydrangeas is the correct handling of the scissors. For the popular garden and farmer's hydrangeas, it is sufficient if you thin out the bushes in early spring and cut off the withered flowers. Extensive pruning always involves the risk of sacrificing buds for the next bloom festival.

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