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Rust on the secateurs not only looks unsightly, it also impairs the cutting power and shortens the life of the secateurs. Therefore, rust should be removed as soon as possible. There are a number of home remedies that quickly remove rust.

Rusty secateurs cut poorly

These home remedies remove rust

In order to remove rust from the garden shears, you can either let them take effect with a household remedy or remove them mechanically. A combination makes the most sense. Very effective home remedies for rust are:

  • Paste of baking soda with lemon
  • sliced potato
  • vinegar with cooking oil
  • baking powder with baking soda
  • cola

The following are suitable for mechanical cleaning:

  • sandpaper
  • steel wool
  • pumice

Derusting the pruning shears step by step

  • Baking soda and lemon or any of the other remedies mentioned above
  • Coarse sandpaper or a similar tool
  • wrench or screwdriver

1. Unscrew

Unscrew the two parts of the secateurs so that you can reach all the infested areas better.

2. Mix and apply home remedies

Mix lemon juice and baking soda until a chewy paste forms. Apply this to the secateurs with a dry cloth. Let the agent take effect for a short time.

3. Rub off rust

Now rub coarse sandpaper or household steel wool over the affected areas until the rust comes off.

4. Clean

Clean your secateurs now to prevent them from rusting again. To do this, brush both parts with a metal brush and then rub with a dry cloth. You can find out how to thoroughly clean your pruning shears here.

5. Oiling

Now put a few drops of oil on the secateurs and rub it with a cloth.

prevent rusting

It is well known that rust is caused by moisture. It is therefore important that you briefly clean and dry your pruning shears after use. Cleaning is best done with a metal brush or a household brush. Then rub your secateurs dry with a cloth or place them on the heater or in the sun to dry.
Store your secateurs in a dry, clean place with good ventilation. It is best to hang your secateurs on the wall in the garage or household shed. This allows any remaining moisture to escape and prevents rusting.

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