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Protection of privacy is very important in the front yard. Walls, metal and wooden fences do not always meet personal taste or go beyond the budget. Instead of giving yourself up to prying eyes in a front yard without a fence, we recommend a lively privacy screen made of plants. We present the most beautiful types and varieties to you here.

Hedge plants protect from looks

Flowering bulwark against prying eyes - the best shrubs for privacy protection

Is your rural, romantic front yard still waiting for a suitable privacy screen? Then you are well advised with a hedge of fast-growing flowering shrubs. The following species and varieties are characterized by rapid growth, easy pruning and lavish blooms:

  • Summer lilac (Buddleja davidii) inspires with its rapid growth rate of up to 150 cm per year
  • Panicle hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata) grows up to 300 cm in height with an annual increase of 30 to 100 cm
  • Firethorn 'Red Column' (Pyracantha coccinea) keeps uninvited guests away with sharp thorns

Evergreen and opaque - plants for year-round privacy

The privacy effect of deciduous flowering shrubs is limited to summertime. If you aim to ward off prying eyes all year round, focus on the following evergreens:

  • Yew (Taxus baccata), the Hillii variety of which has no flowers and therefore no poisonous fruits
  • Cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) for sunny to partially shaded locations
  • Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis), the classic among evergreen hedge shrubs

Slender plants are recommended for the small front garden, such as blue rocket juniper 'Blue Arrow' (Juniperus scopulorum), which reaches a height of 400 to 500 cm and a width of 80 to 100 cm. The cypress 'Columnaris Glauca' (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana) with a height of 500 cm and a width of 100 cm is also popular as an evergreen privacy screen for small garden areas.

You can give an evergreen hedge an extra dose of attractiveness with imaginative topiary. Curved lines are very attractive and come into their own on boxwood and yew trees. Tensioned ropes or templates serve as a guide for skilful cutting.


A wooden fence and flowering tendrils are the dream team for an attractive privacy screen in the front yard. The specialist trade offers ready-made wooden fence elements with privacy protection height in many variations. With a planting of clematis (Clematis), climbing hydrangeas (Hydrangea) or annual morning glory (Ipomoea tricolor), you can give your enclosure a natural and flowery touch.

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