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A beautifully designed demarcation is the icing on the cake in the creative front garden design. In order to screen off the property in style without scaring off visitors or upsetting the neighbors, there are important aspects to consider. This guide is packed with important tips for skilfully enclosing your front yard.

Delimiting the front yard with low fences and flowers looks pretty and is allowed

Height is not freely selectable - you should pay attention to that

If your front yard borders on a public road, the legislator has a say in the height. In various regions, the municipalities are even involved in the specific design. Therefore, before you get started with the planning work, please contact the local authorities in order to include the local regulations in the design of your front yard boundary.

If a demarcation marks the border to the neighbor, also pay special attention to the regulations in the neighborhood law. Each federal state prescribes precise distances that must not be undercut. If you decide on a hedge, it should be clarified in advance how the maintenance work will be carried out on both sides of the shrubs.

Stylish component in the overall picture - ideas for the front yard demarcation

Regardless of legal requirements, the demarcation of the front garden is not a stylistic foreign body in the overall picture. Rather, it depends on a harmonious coordination between the architectural style of the house, planting and enclosure. The following collection of ideas shows creative solutions:

  • Delimitation in a country house style: picket fence with blooming fence peckers or low dry stone wall
  • Modern enclosure: waist-high, narrow gabion wall or coniferous hedge
  • Japanese-influenced frame: evergreen boxwood hedge with a geometric shape
  • Natural design: mixed hedge of evergreen and flowering hedge shrubs

A stylistically neutral design of the front garden boundary succeeds with grasses of all kinds. The spectrum of magnificent ornamental grasses for the decorative fence extends from the filigree mosquito grass (Bouteloua gracilis) for full sun locations to the mushroom head sedge (Carex digitata hybrid) for the shady north side . Creative gardeners make sure that the flowers and perennials in the front garden are repeated in the delimitation. This stylistic trick underlines the harmonious effect in the overall picture.


For the front yard on a busy street, the desire for privacy as a boundary is understandable. Instead of optically overwhelming the mostly small garden area with a mighty wall, slender hedge shrubs, such as the yew (Taxus baccata), act as an evergreen enclosure.

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