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Sun in abundance poses special challenges for balcony plants on the south side. The danger of summer drought stress is just as omnipresent as sunburn on the leaves and heat build-up in the root ball. We looked around the plant kingdom and discovered floral specialists who stage a firework of colors in the sunny flower box.

Gernania like it sunny

Clear the stage for the sun worshipers in the plant kingdom - These plants want to go to the south side

The following plants want plenty of sun to stage a spectacular firework display in the sunny flower box (€16.99):

  • Petunias (Petunia), the wonderful permanent bloomers with standing and hanging varieties
  • Geraniums (pelargoniums), the indispensable classics for the south-facing balcony
  • Zweizahn (Bidens), whose 'Golden Star' variety bathes the balcony in a golden-yellow sea of flowers
  • Hussar buttonlets (Sanvitalia), the distinctive permanent bloomers with the bright yellow star-shaped flowers
  • Purslane (Portulaca grandiflora) spoils the eye with a festival of colors in red, yellow and orange

Adequate water supply is important. So that the beauties presented here do not languish in the sun, please check the current watering requirements every morning and evening by means of a thumb test. A weekly portion of liquid fertilizer replenishes the used nutrient depots.

Vegetable bed in miniature - this is how it works in the sunny balcony box

Growing vegetables in flower boxes is very popular in urban balcony design. If there is no garden available as a cultivation area, the balcony box serves as a mini vegetable bed. The sunny, warm location on the south side offers ideal conditions for a rich harvest of the following species and varieties:

  • Summer spinach of the varieties 'Columbia' and 'Lazo'
  • Radishes, such as the bright red summer variety 'Cheyenne' or the bolt-resistant variety 'Celesta'
  • Lettuce, like the small, compact variety 'Picarde'
  • Strawberries, such as the small-fruited, frequently bearing monthly strawberries 'Ostara'

If you integrate a trellis in the balcony box, mini tomatoes like 'Tiny Tim' and 'Red Robin' will thrive here. Crisp, spicy cucumbers also feel at home here, as does the 'Printo' mini cucumber. The colorful fruits of the mini pumpkin 'Windsor' decorate the sunny balcony in autumn.


If you buy a flower box or build it yourself, please choose a light-colored material. White and pastel-colored plastic or light-colored types of wood, such as Siberian larch, reflect the sun's rays so that the root ball cannot heat up.

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