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Blood flowers are quite easy to multiply yourself. Either grow them from seed or divide the plant. When is the best time to divide and what to consider when dividing a blood flower.

Bloodflowers cannot be shared every year

Draw new bloodflowers by sharing

With good care, the bulb of the blood flower develops small spawning bulbs. From these new blood flowers can be drawn. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when separating the onions.

The best time to share

The blood flower is best divided in spring. The time is good when you have to take the plant out of the planter to repot anyway.

However, you may not share a Bloodflower every year. Wait at least three years for the plant to recover.

Do not divide shoots that are too small

The blood flower should not be too small. Only when the plant has reached a pot size of about 40 centimeters will it survive dividing well.

Only onions that have already developed quite strong shoots are separated. Small, weak shoots will not produce flowers later.

How to plant the divided bulbs

  • Prepare planter
  • Insert onion
  • not completely covered with soil
  • pour carefully
  • set up bright and warm
  • continue to care for like adult blood flowers

The pot for the offshoots should be neither too big nor too small. If the pot diameter is a little larger, you can also plant several bulbs next to each other. The blood flowers then have a particularly decorative effect.

When planting, be careful not to damage the delicate roots of the blood flower. Do not completely cover the bulbs with soil. The tip should protrude slightly from the substrate at the top.

Place the pots in a very warm and bright spot. However, avoid direct sunlight. Temperatures of around 20 degrees are ideal. You should not bring young plants outside in the first months of summer, but rather keep them protected in the flower window.


Caution! The bulbs of the blood flower contain various alkaloids and are therefore poisonous. Therefore, keep the blood flower bulbs out of the reach of children and pets.

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