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Talking about garden showers this summer is a bit daring, but since this topic is also related to our article "Weed control", we would like to at least briefly touch on the current practical test that the DIY journal "Selbst ist der Mann" has just published . Nevertheless, irrigation can still play an important role in the garden in August and well into September.

Good garden showers do not have to be expensive

After all, the new strawberry plants still want to be in the ground for the next garden year, perennials are transplanted and the freshly sown lawn likes it a little moister until it germinates. Therefore, the green showers are in great demand in the coming weeks and 15 of them were examined very closely by the professional testers.

Demanding and practical test criteria

Among other things, processing, ergonomics and the range of the exiting spray jet were checked. Also important were the output quantities of the various makes, an overpressure test to determine their tightness at higher water pressure and a drop test on the sprayers, which should cause surprises, especially with the branded devices. Ten of the tested garden sprayers can also be used for cleaning purposes in the house, yard and garden or to remove dirt from vehicles with the help of their variably adjustable water jet. With brands such as Gardena, Lifetime Garden, Kärcher, Neptun (own brand Bauhaus), Metabo, MBS, Lux Tools, Sirocco, Rehau and Takagi, everything that has a reputation in the garden guild was represented.

The test results at a glance

In the "garden showers" category, three brands were rated "very good", six of the devices still had so few complaints that a "good" was in the test logs and four candidates passed the practical test with "satisfactory". A shower head in the higher-priced range broke in the drop test, which justifiably earned it a “poor” rating, and the cheapest example (grade “inadequate”) ensured that the testers got just as wet as the watered plants during their work. For the garden sprayers there was one "very good", six times "good" and three times "satisfactory". In addition, the test editors came to the conclusions, which are very important from a consumer point of view, that:

  • Good garden sprayers are already available in specialist shops for around 10.00 euros;
  • There are clear differences in the setting options for continuous operation and throw distances;
  • brand devices can be opened and cleaned very easily without additional tools;
  • All garden sprayers work with the click system introduced by Gardena.

The complete test with concrete results and the test winners can be downloaded from (0.99 euros).

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