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When we encounter a butterfly bush in the wild, it boasts purple spikes of flowers. Of course, a Buddleja davidii is not limited to this shade. We owe a wide range of beautiful colors to his magnificent varieties. Immerse yourself in the colorful world of colorful hybrids for beds and tubs.

White butterfly lilac looks classy

Majestic butterfly lilacs in beautiful colors

The following varieties set colorful accents as a solitaire or hedge in the garden in all sunny, warm and wind-protected locations:

  • Dart's Ornamental White inspires with huge, white flower panicles and a seductive scent
  • Adonis Blue boasts blue panicles up to 25 cm long from July to September
  • Cardinal draws everyone's attention with crimson or deep pink flowers

Purple Emperor waits until late summer to develop its purplish purple flowers. It will not be on the garden stage until August with a colorful presence. By combining this butterfly bush with earlier flowering varieties, you extend the flowering period from July until the first frost.

Colorful eye-catchers for the balcony

In pots, mainly dwarf varieties of the butterfly bush thrive, vital, healthy and colorful. The following hybrids provide floral moments of happiness in the bucket:

  • Dart's Papillon Blue spreads its floral charm with light blue flowers on the balcony
  • With its bright white panicles of flowers, Buzz Ivory is a must on the balcony and patio
  • Buzz Pink Purple features pink blooms that contrast beautifully with Buzz Ivory

The innovative breeding 'Flower Power Bicolor' ensures a furious spectacle of flowers. The 100 to 150 cm small butterfly bush blooms dark blue at the top and shimmers in dark orange, lilac and purple towards the base.


Unfortunately, its colorful flowers also have a dark side. The butterfly bush tirelessly strives to spread invasively in the garden. To this end, it produces myriads of seeds that escape the ripe capsules. By consistently cutting off wilted blooms, you put a stop to this conquest.

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