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The purple butterfly bush is a familiar sight on embankments and disused train tracks. As a garden refugee, the pure species of Buddleja davidii in the wild only gives an idea of its flowering potential. How good that competent breeders have created a wealth of opulent varieties for beds and tubs. This selection introduces you to some of the most beautiful hybrids.

The color palette of the butterfly bush ranges from deep blue to pink to bright white

Summer blooms in the bed

The following varieties convince with a never-ending flowering period and uncomplicated care:

  • White Profusion with spikes of white flowers on slightly overhanging branches; Growth height: 200-300 cm
  • Black Knight, the darkest butterfly bush with a funnel-shaped habit; Growth height: 200-300 cm
  • Summer Beauty, one of the prettiest purple varieties for the summer garden; Growth height: 200-300 cm
  • Purple Emperor, a gorgeous purple flowering variety for the small garden; Growth height: 100-200 cm
  • Sungold, a historic variety with bright, light yellow flowers of unique radiance; Growth height: 200-250 cm

The hybrid Flower Power Bicolor causes a sensation, because its blue buds unfold into long flower panicles in deep orange. Thanks to its growth height of 150 cm, this variety adorns the sunny front yard from July to October.

Dwarf varieties for the tub

These compact, short-growing varieties are welcome floral companions on the summer balcony:

  • Free Petite Lavender with lavender colored flower and wonderful scent; Growth height: 80-130 cm
  • Free Petite Dark Pink, the small pink variety with the big scent; Growth height: 80-130 cm
  • Marbled White, a white dwarf variety that should not be missing from any balcony; Growth height: 100-120 cm
  • Reve de Papillon magically attracts butterflies with white, fragrant panicles of flowers; Growth height: 110-150 cm

Can't get enough of your butterfly bush on the balcony and patio? Then keep an eye out for the inexpensive buddleia packets in nurseries and garden centers. This includes 4 to 6 of the most beautiful varieties in wonderful colors at a price that will delight budget gardeners.


To propagate your most beautiful butterfly bush, the cuttings method produces young plants that are indistinguishable from their mother plant. When sowing seeds, however, the result cannot be predicted and often leads to bitter disappointment - with one exception. The mixed-leaved butterfly bush (Buddleja alternifolia) provides us with seeds for a single-variety offspring.

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