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With lavish blooms and uncomplicated care, the butterfly bush is recommended as a summer beauty for the balcony. Of course, the majestic garden varieties do not feel comfortable in the bucket. A dwarf butterfly bush is a better choice for the pot. Get to know the most beautiful Petite varieties with tips for care.

Low varieties can also be grown on the balcony

Beautiful varieties for the bucket - a selection

With a growth height of up to 300 cm and a width of 200 cm, the classic varieties of the butterfly bush exceed the capacities on the balcony. In order not to do without the summery symphony of color and fragrance, dwarf varieties are available. We looked around and put together a selection for you to browse through:

  • Free Petite Snow White delights with white flowers from July to September; Growth height: 40-60 cm
  • Petite Adonis Blue boasts fragrant blue flowers through October; Growth height: 60-90 cm
  • Buzz Velvet flatters the eye with dark pink panicles from June to September; Growth height: 90-120 cm

If you are looking for a butterfly bush for the balcony in the classic color purple, you will find what you are looking for with Buddleja davidii 'Buzz Violet'. From June to September, the 120 cm tall flowering shrub boasts purple panicles, swarmed by countless butterflies.

Care Tips for Dwarf Buddleia

In order for a butterfly bush to thrive vitally and happily in a bucket, the bucket should have a volume of 30 to 50 litres. As a substrate, we recommend potting soil thinned with sand, supplemented with perlite (37.51€) breathing flakes. The care program is very simple:

  • If the soil has dried, water thoroughly with normal tap water
  • Fertilize liquid in 4-week cycles from May to September
  • Rinse faded flowers as soon as possible
  • Repot every 1 to 2 years in spring

Before winter, you should ideally put the bucket in a bright, frost-free area. For wintering outdoors, place the pot on bark mulch in a wooden box. Cover the substrate with leaves, straw or wood shavings. When temperatures rise in spring, the winter protection is removed. Now is the best time to cut back the butterfly bush to 20-50cm.


Winter damage to the butterfly bush often results from drought stress. Regardless of whether the tree overwinters in the bucket inside or outside, the root ball must not dry out. Therefore, please do not completely stop the water supply during the cold season.

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