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When the classic lilac (Syringa vulgaris) fades, a butterfly lilac (Buddleja davidii) is just in the floral starting blocks. Here you can find out exactly when a butterfly bush flowers and how you can influence a long flowering period.

The butterfly bush blooms in midsummer

Summer Blooming Butterfly Magnet

He takes his time before entering the garden stage. Under normal weather conditions, the butterfly bush puts on its flower dress in the middle of summer. From July, when its large panicles of flowers unfold in wonderful colors and exude an enticing scent, the ornamental tree is swarming with countless butterflies. The spectacle of flowers lasts well into autumn, until the first cold nights put an end to the magic.

This will encourage a long flowering period

With the following measures, you favor the abundance of flowers and have a stabilizing effect on the flowering period:

  • Regularly trim wilted flower spikes
  • Cut back all shoots to 30 cm in early spring
  • After pruning, fertilize organically with compost and horn shavings
  • Apply phosphorus-rich liquid fertilizer in the bucket every 4 weeks from May to September

Since a butterfly bush always blooms on this year's shoots, you can safely cut the branches rigorously in early spring. As long as at least 2 eyes remain on the shoot, the shrub will sprout again and put on its buds. As a rule of thumb, the harder the pruning, the larger the flower panicles.


By consistently cutting off the wilted flowers on the butterfly bush, you also prevent invasive spread in the garden. Buddleja davidii is classified as a neophyte because it produces myriads of seeds. In order to multiply the summer bloomer in a targeted manner, the cuttings method is more promising anyway.

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