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When a butterfly bush boasts a never-ending flowering period, the blossom magic results from professional planting at the best possible time. All important questions about the choice of date and perfect planting technology are examined in more detail here.

The butterfly bush loves the sun

When is the time to plant the butterfly bush?

In principle, perennials and shrubs grown in containers can be planted during the entire vegetation period, as long as the ground is not frozen. A young butterfly bush has the best starting conditions in autumn. At this time, the earth has been warmed up deep down by the sun. This preference has a positive effect on rooting, so this process is completed in good time before the onset of winter.

In which location does it bloom best?

Once the question of when has been answered, the focus is on where. Choose a location for your butterfly bush in autumn with these basic conditions:

  • Sunny, warm and wind-protected location
  • Ideally in nutrient-rich, humus-rich, loose soil
  • Fresh to moderately dry

A butterfly bush does not make any special demands on soil acidity. The summer bloomer thrives equally vital and healthy in slightly acidic, neutral and alkaline soil.

What should be considered when planting?

Soak the root ball in water before potting out for planting. In the meantime, dig a spacious pit and mix the excavation with compost and horn shavings. (32.93€) The previous planting depth should be maintained as far as possible. Due to its space-consuming growth, we recommend a planting distance of at least 100 cm in the group and row. Press the soil firmly and water generously.

You keep its urge to spread in check by lining the planting pit for a butterfly bush with a non-rotting root barrier. Alternatively, first place a bottomless mason's vat in the hole to plant the vigorous shrub in it.


Autumn isn't just the perfect time to plant a butterfly bush. At this time of year you can also cut sticks for easy propagation. The ideal cutting is 20 cm long, leafless and has leaf nodes at the top and bottom. Put three quarters of the way into the ground in the propagation bed, water regularly and protect with winter fleece, and the offshoots will root in no time at all.

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