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The butterfly bush in a pot is just what you need to transform the balcony into a summer paradise of blossoms with frequent visits from butterflies. Read here how to skilfully plant and care for the moth magnet.

Buddleia also thrives in pots, provided they are big enough

A large bucket and a sunny location set the course

A vigorous butterfly bush will only meet expectations if there is enough capacity in the pot for its roots. Therefore, choose a bucket with a volume of 30 to 50 liters. Before you fill in potting soil enriched with sand, use potsherds to drain the bottom of the pot.

Repot the young plant and place it so deep in the ground that the previous planting depth remains unchanged. Place the bucket in full sun, sheltered from the wind, and water until the water runs out of the bottom opening. You can water the undemanding wood with normal tap water without hesitation.

It's so easy to care for the butterfly bush in the pot

In a sunny location, planted in loose, nutrient-rich potting soil, a butterfly bush rarely requires your gardening attention. The uncomplicated care program is designed as follows:

  • Water the root ball when the soil surface has dried
  • Fertilize liquid every 4 weeks from May to September
  • Trim wilted flowers to encourage rebloom
  • Before the first frost, place the pot on wood and wrap it with warming foil
  • Ideally put a butterfly bush in a pot in a frost-free winter quarters
  • Repot every 1 to 2 years at the end of winter dormancy

Cut back the butterfly bush only when the danger of ground frost has passed in spring. If necessary, you can radically shorten the pruning flowering shrub down to 20 cm. Only as you get older do you cut the thick branches a little higher at 40 to 50 cm. Immediately after pruning, apply the first fertilizer to get growth going. Water generously so that the nutrients are optimally absorbed.


A warm location on the sun-drenched roof garden is also very welcome for your butterfly bush. Due to the exposed location, extensive winter protection is the focus in this case, so that fatal frost damage does not occur.

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