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In the entire Mediterranean area, the palm weevil threatens entire populations of Mediterranean plants and has become a problem there. Thank God this pest hasn't been able to spread here yet. Nevertheless, even in local areas, palm trees are not immune to vermin infestation. However, if recognized in good time, the little animals can usually be fought successfully so that the palm tree does not suffer any permanent damage.

Pests do not stop at the exotic palm trees

spider mites

Plant lovers often do not even notice the tiny little arachnids in the early stages. Only when the fronds turn yellowish to white do many notice that something is wrong with the palm tree.

You can make spider mites visible by misting the compartments generously with water. For protection, the animals form fine webs in which the water drops get caught. Enlarged through a magnifying glass, the little animals can also be discovered.


If left untreated, spider mites usually lead to the death of the plant. For this reason, fight the harmful insects consistently:

  • Home remedies are usually of little help and are difficult to use due to the size of palm trees.
  • Therefore, treat the plant with a suitable insecticide.
  • Spray several times at intervals of a few days.


Spider mites love dry heating air. Ensure a good indoor climate with evaporators or an indoor fountain. Regular spraying also has a preventive effect.

Mealybugs and mealybugs

Mealybugs and mealybugs protect themselves from environmental influences and predators with a white, downy or oily coating. This makes combating it somewhat difficult, because many sprays do not penetrate this layer.


  • Spray the palm with a synthetic agent and repeat the application at intervals of a few days.
  • Plant sticks that are stuck into the ground work very well. The active ingredients are absorbed by the roots and distributed through the plant sap. As a result, the resistant animals absorb it and die.
  • In the conservatory, mealybugs and mealybugs can be easily combated with beneficial insects that you can get from specialist retailers.


Aphid infestation is rarely seen on palm trees. It is usually sufficient to shower the lice off with a sharp jet. Only if the pests appear en masse should you treat the plant with a suitable insecticide.


Always isolate pest-infested palm trees and other plants from healthy indoor plants. In this way, the insects cannot spread excessively and the fight against them is quickly crowned with success.

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