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Palm trees ensure a wonderful Mediterranean ambience on the balcony or terrace and create a magical holiday atmosphere. Almost all types of palm trees can be cared for outside during the warm season. In addition, the plants thrive much better outdoors than indoors and are not as susceptible to pests.

Palm trees are more comfortable outdoors than indoors

In this article we will deal with the following points:

  • How is the palm tree accustomed to the changed site conditions?
  • Which place is suitable?
  • How should it be watered and fertilized?

Carefully acclimate to the outdoors

Palm trees don't like to be moved, so avoid moving the plant to a different location during the summer months. However, that does not mean that you can immediately place them in the blazing sun. First get the plant used to the changed conditions and place it in a sunny, sheltered place. After about two weeks, the palm has acclimatized and can be placed in its final summer location.

The site

However, the large number of palm species means that not all palm trees love full sun. If you want to put your palm tree outside, you should therefore take into account the individual site conditions of the plant you are cultivating and, if necessary, give it a semi-shady or shady location.

Places where wind repeatedly reaches the palm tree are also unsuitable. In these conditions, the attractive fronds would tear or even snap off, which would greatly affect the look. Also, putting the palm tree right next to a path so that you accidentally bump into the fans as you walk by is not a good idea. Bent leaves usually die off and palm species in particular, which are already growing slowly anyway, become bare over time.

watering and fertilizing

Outdoor palm trees need a relatively large amount of water on hot summer days. Water whenever the top inches of the substrate feel dry and after a few minutes, discard any standing water in the saucer. A special palm fertilizer is used to fertilize every 14 days.


Since it can surprisingly get very cold again in spring in our latitudes, you should not clear the palm tree too early. In the case of sensitive palm species that thrive in the tropics in particular, the temperatures must never fall below freezing, even at night.

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