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The spathiphyllum, also known as a single leaf or leaf flag, is one of the most popular indoor plants in German living rooms. No wonder, after all, the decorative plant is quite robust and easy to care for. In addition to the large, dark green leaves, it is the white, characteristically structured flowers that make the plant so attractive - although, strictly speaking, the flower consists only of the inconspicuous spadix. The white "flower" is the bracts, which turn brown and dry up after a while.

If there is not enough water, the flowers will wither prematurely

Flowers can be kept fresh for a long time with the right care

This process is completely normal, after all, every flower has bloomed at some point. However, there is a lot you can do to extend the life of each individual flower - with the right care, they look fresher for much longer. To this end

  • the single sheet must not stand in the blazing sun.
  • Place the plant away from the window and in a darker spot.
  • Although the single leaf from the tropics likes warmth,
  • but this must not be dry: keep the humidity high.
  • The room temperatures should not be too high either.
  • Between 20 and a maximum of 25 °C are optimal for the single leaf.
  • Also, keep the substrate slightly moist, but not wet
  • and fertilize the plant regularly with a fertilizer for flowering houseplants.
  • Never water with calcareous tap water!
  • Decalcified water or collected rainwater is best.

Remove faded blooms with scissors

When the Spathiphyllum has finally flowered, cut off the faded shoot just above the substrate surface. Normal scissors are sufficient for this, but they should be clean and disinfected. Continue to take good care of the single leaf and wait for it to bloom again.


The single leaf can be fertilized very well with dried coffee grounds - this stimulates the formation of flowers.

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