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You can propagate sundew or Drosera yourself by cutting leaf cuttings or growing the plant from seeds. Seeds are available from well-stocked specialist shops. With a bit of luck, you can harvest it from existing sundew plants.

After flowering, the sundew forms seeds that can be used for propagation

Sundew is self-pollinating

Sundew is one of the plants that are self-pollinating. If the Drosera is cultivated purely as a houseplant, it can make sense to also pollinate the flowers with a brush.

Capsules form in the flowers, in which countless small black seeds ripen. In nature, seeds are spread by the wind.

How to harvest the seed

The sundew capsules open when the seed is ripe. The very small granules then fall out.

If you want to harvest seeds for propagating sundew yourself, place a flat plate under the flower. As soon as this has completely faded, you will see the capsule fruits. Gently shake the seeds from the fruit onto the plate.

Grow sundew from seed

You can cultivate subtropical Drosera species indoors all year round. You can and should sow the seed right away. To do this, prepare small pots that you fill with substrate for carnivores. Moisten the substrate well.

Scatter the seed as thinly as possible and lightly press onto the surface.

Put a plastic bag over the pots to keep the humidity constant. Air the foil regularly so that the seed does not rot.

Care of Drosera seedlings

  • Keep pots bright and sunny
  • Refill the coaster with water
  • prick after emergence
  • repot later

Place the pots in a warm, preferably full sun spot. In order to keep the substrate moist, the seeds are kept using the so-called accumulation method.

To do this, place the pots in a deep saucer, which you always fill up with water when the substrate has absorbed the water.

It can take up to five weeks for the seeds to germinate.


Seeds of hardy Drosera species need a cold phase. If you don't want to sow the sundew outdoors straight away, put the seeds in the fridge for a few weeks. You can also put the already seeded pots in the fridge.

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