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While the white flowering bindweed is often difficult to combat by garden owners, they appreciate the easy-care morning glory because of its magnificent flowers. However, care should be taken with this plant when it comes to children and pets, as it is far from non-toxic.

As beautiful as it is, it is unfortunately just as poisonous: the morning glory

Use as an intoxicant in Mexico, the country of origin

Like morning glory, peyotl katkus and teonanacatl mushroom, morning glory was used as an intoxicant by the Mexican natives. The lysergic acid amides contained are comparable in their intoxicating effect to the effects of ergot on humans. Nowadays, such use is clearly discouraged, since the very different concentrations in the plants can quickly lead to life-threatening poisoning.

Assess the risk realistically

The not hardy morning glory should not necessarily be banned from the garden because of its ingredients. Finally, despite their toxins, the following plants are also popular garden plants:

  • angel trumpet
  • Wisteria
  • thimble
  • vinegar tree

However, you should be careful not to feed the corresponding plants to pets such as birds and rodents, and not to let small children play next to the plants unsupervised.


Since the seeds of the morning glory can have a particularly high concentration of poison, they should be kept particularly safe until sowing.

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