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The non-toxic lungwort is native to this country and is one of the first perennials to present its flowers over the course of the year. But does it like to grow in the sun, or should it be planted in semi-shade to shade?

Lungwort leaves wither in the sun

The leaves will wither in the sun

If the lungwort was planted directly in the blazing sun, it will suffer. Its leaves quickly wither. Therefore, you should generally prefer to put it in a semi-shady to shady location.

A place under a tree or shrub - perfect!

Places under deciduous trees or near bushes are ideal. These are still bare in March and the lungwort gets a little more light for flowering. In summer it is protected under the leafy trees and bushes.

If you decide to plant the lungwort in a pot and put it on the balcony, south-facing balconies are completely unsuitable. Balconies that are oriented to the east or northwest are well suited.

Where does the lungwort have its natural distribution area?

When choosing a substrate, you can also take a look at the natural range of lungwort to get an idea of where it prefers to grow. It occurs mainly in bush zones, in deciduous forests and at the water's edge.

The substrate - rich in nutrients and moist

In a pot culture, normal potting soil or potting soil is sufficient. In an outdoor culture, the soil should have the following characteristics when planting:

  • permeable
  • humorous
  • nutritious
  • wet
  • likes calcareous


In a shady location, the flowers of the lungwort last the longest or the flowering period is extended.

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