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As with all deciduous trees, the best time to plant hornbeams is in the fall. Depending on what kind of tree you bought or grew, you can plant the hornbeam until May. The right day also plays a role.

Container plants can be planted all year round

Plant bare root or root balled hornbeams in the fall

Autumn is the best time to plant for a hornbeam that you bought bare-root, i.e. without soil, or in the form of a ball. This also applies to hornbeams that you have propagated yourself or grown from offshoots. In autumn, the soil is sufficiently moist and there is no risk that the young roots will dry up.

Before planting, place the trees in a water bath for a few hours so that the roots can soak well.

If you have missed the right time, you can still plant hornbeams in spring if necessary. Choose a frost-free day and don't forget to water the tree regularly.

Plant container trees all year round

With a hornbeam in a container, the planting time is not so important. It has a strong root system and is supplied with sufficient soil. But you also have to pay a higher price for it.

You can plant a container hornbeam all year round. It is only not advisable to plant the tree in midsummer or when there is frost in winter.

Container plants grow best if you put them in the garden from September to May.


If you plant hornbeams as a single tree, keep a sufficient distance to buildings. The trees do not develop roots that damage walls or paving slabs. However, the crown can reach considerable dimensions after a few years.

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