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Statistically speaking, every German drinks 77,000 cups of coffee in the course of his life, which corresponds to a daily consumption of 0.41 liters - with these quantities, of course, there is also a lot of coffee grounds, which in most households simply end up in the garbage. Coffee grounds can be used in a variety of ways, for example it is ideal as a cheap and environmentally friendly fertilizer - not only for geraniums.

Coffee contains valuable nutrients and is a great fertilizer

Coffee grounds contain many important nutrients

Coffee is rich in various minerals and trace elements that are not completely extracted from the ground coffee when it is brewed. This leaves plenty of nutrients in the coffee grounds, especially

  • nitrogen
  • potassium
  • and phosphorus.

While nitrogen is important for growth - and leaf and shoot growth in particular - summer flowers like geraniums need plenty of phosphorus to bloom profusely. Potassium, in turn, ensures, among other things, that the leaves retain a fresh and strong green and do not turn yellow.

Fertilize geraniums properly with coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are therefore ideal as an additional fertilizer for geraniums, although you should not use the powder fresh from the machine if possible. Instead, the coffee grounds should first cool down and, if you want to mix them with the plant substrate, be thoroughly dried. Moist coffee grounds quickly begin to mold and then spoil the plant substrate. In principle, you can use coffee grounds from filter bags, coffee pads or coffee brewed by hand - only coffee from aluminum cans cannot be used.

Work coffee grounds into the substrate

Coffee grounds can be dried by spreading the wet mass out on a flat plate etc. and placing it in a dry, warm and bright place. Finally, dry coffee grounds can be worked into the substrate when planting or repotting the geraniums or distributed in the root area of flowers that have already been planted. But then make sure not only to store the coffee grounds on the surface, but to mix them carefully with the substrate.

Dilute coffee grounds

Alternatively, it is also possible to dilute a little coffee grounds with a lot of water and water the geraniums with it. If you choose this variant, use about one tablespoon of coffee grounds for every ten liters of water. However, the mixture should not get on the leaves or the flowers of your geraniums.


Coffee is slightly acidic and therefore ideal for geraniums, which also love slightly acidic soil.

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