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Caring for fuchsias properly is not that easy, especially when it comes to the right time for a pruning. In principle, fuchsias should be cut annually, as they become woody and age over the years and thus produce fewer and fewer flowers.

In order to promote flower growth, pruning before overwintering makes sense

Prepare fuchsias for winter

The fuchsias, which are among the heavy feeders, must be fertilized and watered regularly, although you should significantly reduce the care measures from the beginning of September. Stop fertilizing at this point and reduce watering, then the plant can gradually prepare for the winter break.

Cut back before the first frost

As a result, this year's shoots will start the lignification process, so it's time for a pruning. Hardy fuchsias wintering outdoors are cut before the first frost, while specimens wintering in cold indoor conditions are cut before boxing. The interfaces should dry well so that fungal infections have no chance.


In principle, pruning is also possible in early spring, although autumn pruning makes more sense for several reasons. Hardy fuchsias will freeze back in the cold season anyway, while leafless fuchsias can also be overwintered in the dark.

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