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Real jasmine is often confused with false jasmine or scented jasmine. The flowers and scent are quite similar. In terms of care, however, the species differ significantly. In our latitudes, the not hardy plant is only cultivated as a container plant or houseplant.

Real jasmine should be neither too moist nor too dry

How do you water real jasmine?

  • Don't let it dry out!
  • Avoid waterlogging
  • Drain excess water immediately
  • ensure high humidity
  • pour with soft water / rainwater

Water real jasmine whenever the top layer of soil has dried.

If it is very hot, spray the ornamental plant with soft water to increase humidity.

Does real jasmine need fertilizer?

Fertilize common jasmine every two weeks during the growth phase from spring to autumn with a liquid fertilizer for flowering plants. In winter there is no fertilization.

When is real jasmine repotted?

In the first few years, pot the real jasmine into a larger planter every year when you bring the ornamental plant out of the winter quarters.

You only have to repot older plants when the root balls grow out of the pot.

Can real jasmine be cut?

Real jasmine should be cut after hibernation and immediately after flowering to encourage the plant to branch out.

Which pests can occur?

Real jasmine makes a too humid location to create. Disease only occurs when the roots rot.

Watch out for pests on your real jasmine:

  • aphids
  • Mealybug
  • spider mites

How is real jasmine overwintered?

In contrast to false jasmine, real jasmine is not hardy. The ornamental plant must be overwintered in a cool but frost-free place.

The hibernation temperatures must not exceed 10 degrees, rather cooler. Since the plant is deciduous, it loses its leaves in winter. So the place can be dark.

During the winter, real jasmine is not fertilized and watered so sparingly that the root ball does not dry out completely.


You can often only tell from the botanical name whether you are cultivating real jasmine or one of the species incorrectly referred to as jasmine. With real jasmine it always begins with jasmine. The names for false jasmine or scented jasmine contain the term Philadelphus.

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