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Montbretia are among the very flowering plants that enchant the garden with their bright flowers for weeks. If this bloom does not appear, various factors can be responsible for this.

If the Montbretia is too dark, it may not flower

The wrong location

The Montbretia need a warm, sunny and sheltered location to reach full bloom. If the flowering plant is too shady, it will only produce very few or no flowers at all. If the Montbretia are lazy to bloom, you should check the location first.

If necessary, transplant the bulbous plants to another place. A bed in full sun close to the house is ideal, where the wall stores heat during the day and radiates it at night.

Too young plants

Montbretia need two to three years until they also produce flowers in addition to the foliage. Even commercially purchased specimens may not flower in the first year after planting because the Montbretia have to acclimatize first.

Montbretia grown from seed take even longer to flower. If the plants you have grown yourself are in the optimal location, you should not lose patience. The Montbretia need a few years until they are in full bloom.

Have you implemented the Montbreti?

Even after transplanting, the Montbretia sometimes bitch a bit and does not bloom. Give the plants time to get used to the new location. Montbretia very often do not flower until the year following the year in which they were planted.

Perhaps pests are to blame

If not only the flowers fail to appear, but the Montbretia also only very sparsely drive leaves, it could be that voles have found a taste for the tubers. Montbretia tubers are a real treat for small rodents.

It makes a lot of sense to use the Montbretia in special plant baskets. As a result, the voles cannot get to the coveted food.


Attach one or more circular plant supports in good time before flowering. This prevents the clumps from falling apart unattractively and the flowers from buckling.

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