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After purchasing it, it looked fantastic. Now, about a year later, it dies away and doesn't want to bloom anymore… Maybe you forgot to fertilize the parrot flower?

Sufficient fertilization rewards the Strelitzia with numerous flowers

Too little fertilizer, too few flowers

Anyone who does not regularly supply their Strelitzia with nutrients must expect that the plant will hardly grow and will not form any flowers. While fertilizing in winter is irrelevant, fertilizing in summer is highly recommended.

intervals of fertilizer application

It is sufficient to fertilize the crop every 2 to 3 weeks between April and October. Ideally, it gets a light dose of fertilizer every week. In principle, it can be fertilized more frequently in summer than in spring, autumn and winter.

Suitable fertilizers for the Strelitzia

Liquid fertilizers for potted plants are best suited for this houseplant. You can simply add such a fertilizer to the irrigation water. The fertilizer should not only contain nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, but also other trace elements that are important for plants.

Why not use a slow release fertilizer?

Slow-release fertilizers are less suitable for the parrot flower. These fertilizers often do not disperse properly in the root system. There are overconcentrations in certain places and the roots are damaged. The plant can die.

What happens when you over-fertilize?

Overall, the Strelitzia should be fertilized sparingly. Too much fertilizer causes this tropical plant to develop numerous leaves. But the leaves are at the expense of the flowers. Either only few and small flowers are formed or none at all.

In winter - only fertilize during warm hibernation

In winter, when fertilizing the Strelitzia, the following should be observed:

  • do not fertilize in cool locations
  • fertilize in 18 to 25 °C warm places
  • Fertilization interval: 4 to 6 weeks
  • fertilize sparingly

Do not fertilize after repotting

If you repot your Strelitzia in the spring - which is advisable about every 3 years - you should plant it in fresh soil. Fertilization is then not necessary and even harmful. Half a year later, you should gradually start fertilizing again.


You should never fertilize seedlings! Only when the plantlets are about 2 months old can they be slowly fertilized.

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