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The Strelitzia nicolai comes in a tropical look. There are their banana-like leaves, their impressive growth height of up to 12 m and their unusual flowers, which are reminiscent of the heads of birds of paradise. How do you have to take care of them?

The Strelitzia nicolai inspires with an impressive growth height

Should you keep the soil moist or dry?

The substrate should be kept evenly moist. Under no circumstances should there be standing water or prolonged dryness. Regular watering with low-lime water is therefore essential. Always water when the top layer of soil has dried!

What are the nutrient requirements?

Because the Strelitzia nicolai's nutrient requirements are low to moderate, you don't need to use fertilizer every week. In the main growing season between April and October it is sufficient to fertilize this tropical plant every 2 to 3 weeks. Use a standard liquid fertilizer for potted plants. A long-term fertilizer is not recommended.

What should be considered when cutting?

You don't cut this Strelitzia. You should only remove old, brown and completely dried leaves. Use your hands, not scissors! The leaves are torn out so that no leaf stumps are left over. New sheets are pushed in again.

What diseases and pests can occur?

Persistent wetness in the root area can cause root rot, a disease. Then quick action in the form of repotting is called for. Scale insects and mealybugs can attack this Strelitzia as pests, especially in winter.

How do you overwinter this plant?

Because the parrot flower is not hardy, it should be kept indoors throughout the winter. It is overwintered in a cool or warm place. It is important that it is bright enough so that it does not lose its leaves. Both a cool and airy bedroom and a warm living room are suitable for this.

When is a repotting action necessary?

Take the following tips to heart:

  • repot when the roots protrude from the bottom
  • ideal time: early spring
  • new vessel should be slightly larger than the old vessel
  • remove old soil
  • use fresh potting soil
  • feel free to add some sand and gravel (for better drainage)


If the Strelitzia nicolai is overwintered warm, it can be supplied with fertilizer once a month in winter.

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