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Anyone who has ever spent a holiday in Madeira will certainly have met them several times. We are talking about the Strelitzia, also known as the parrot flower. Planting it doesn't take much effort once you know what its requirements are!

Strelitzia should be as bright as possible

In which location does the Strelitzia feel comfortable?

Birds of paradise like it warm and bright. Even in winter, these plants need plenty of light to thrive. In summer, several hours of sunshine per day are essential. If there is too little light available, these plants will not form flowers. It is also important for an indoor culture that the humidity is high.

From when and how can you cultivate the Strelitzia outside?

The Strelitzia can be kept both as a houseplant and as a container plant. We recommend cultivating this plant indoors from autumn to spring and placing it outside, for example on the balcony or terrace, from May to September.

Here are a few outdoor location tips:

  • preferably sunny
  • Penumbra is their tolerance range
  • airy
  • blazing midday sun is tolerated
  • South and west locations are well suited
  • ideal temperatures: 20 to 25 °C

Which substrate is suitable for the culture?

Choose a large container (pot or tub) for planting. The Strelitzia forms plenty of roots that require a lot of space. The substrate (if necessary also simple potting soil) should have the following properties:

  • permeable (never tending to waterlogging)
  • nutritious
  • relaxed
  • preferably based on compost
  • humid environment
  • loamy-gravelly

When does the Strelitzia bloom?

Anyone who grows Strelitzia from seeds has to wait several years before flowers appear for the first time. In principle, this plant can bloom all year round. In its homeland, it usually blooms between December and May.

How do you sow this plant?

Sowing works like this:

  • remove orange colored hairs from the seeds
  • File seeds (until white interior becomes visible)
  • Soak in water for 24 hours
  • sow in seed compost
  • keep moist
  • Germination at 20°C
  • Germination time: 1 to 4 months


After hibernating, you should slowly get your Strelitzia used to the direct sun outside. Otherwise the plant will get a sunburn.

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