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If you take care of them in a targeted manner, you can be amazed at their rapid growth. But only with the right cut and the right pruning tool in your luggage will it be bushy and result in a jungle feeling.

With a professional pruning, the Schefflera can be nicely shaped

The best time for pruning: late autumn or spring

It is best to prune your radiant macaw in the spring. You can tackle the cut by May at the latest. If you have missed this period, you can also cut the plant in late autumn. In principle, spring is preferable for this specimen.

Reasons to cut

Several reasons can make cutting the radiate ara a sensible action, including these:

  • Cuttings gain for propagation
  • achieve bushier growth
  • achieve a compact growth habit
  • remove diseased parts e.g. B. in fungal infestation
  • cut off old inflorescences
  • not exceed a certain size

How do you cut the schefflera?

Plant parts that still have a juicy green color can be cut with sharp and clean scissors. A sharp kitchen knife is also suitable for them. If the parts of the plant are already lignified, it is better to use pruning shears. For old and very thick shoots, pruning shears or a saw must be used.

Precise procedure when cutting - nothing can go wrong anymore

Without a cut, the radiant aria shoots up almost like a candle. At some point she can no longer hold herself up and twists her ankle. You then need a support z. B. a bamboo stick. To avoid this, you should trim your schefflera regularly.

Here are a few tips to help you cut:

  • well tolerated by cuts
  • has many growth nodes (leaf buds) from which it sprout again
  • Shorten long shoots by 2/3
  • easy to cut to desired height
  • cut just above an 'eye'
  • to rejuvenate, cut back the trunks to 15 cm
  • pinch off newly growing shoots to get more side shoots (important when designing bonsai)

Radical cut is tolerated

This tropical plant even tolerates a radical pruning. This may become necessary if she has grown too big or is completely old. Don't worry: the schefflera is so keen on growing that it will soon sprout again.

Use clippings for propagation

You can then use the cut shoots to propagate the Schefflera, for example. Placed in a glass of water or a pot of potting soil, they root quickly. The prerequisite for this is a bright location that is as room-warm as possible.


Dispose of the clippings of the radiate ara! It is poisonous and pets or small children could ingest it and experience physical discomfort.

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