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Like the other types of bittercress, the meadowfoam belongs to the so-called wild herbs. In the ideal location, it spreads quite quickly. However, with its delicate flowers in white, pink or pale purple, it is also a pretty sight.

Meadowfoam is a delicious wild herb

Where does meadowfoam grow?

As the name suggests, cuckoo flower likes to grow in meadows, but they should be moist. An old name of this plant is "hungerweed". This is also not unfounded, because where the cuckoo flower thrives well, less grass grows and therefore there is little hay for the cattle later on.

When and how do you harvest meadowfoam?

You can collect the cuckoo flower on damp meadows, in sparse forests or along roadsides, preferably in the months of April and May. When collecting by the wayside, make sure that there are not many vehicles on the road, no dogs are being walked and no fields are being sprayed with pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

The above-ground herb is collected before the flower forms. Do not tear the herb, but cut it off with sharp scissors. The younger the leaves are, the milder they taste. However, bittercress should never be consumed in large quantities at once, because then it has an irritating effect on the stomach and kidneys.

How to use meadowfoam?

Meadow smock is usually used fresh and not dried. If necessary, cut the leaves into small pieces. They taste great on a sandwich or in a fresh salad. You can also season soups or sauces very well with it.

It is best to add the bittercress to the hot dishes after cooking. Mixed with other herbs, meadowfoam is also very suitable for the preparation of herb butter, herb quark or other herbal dishes. You can use the flowers as an edible decoration. Meadowfoam herb can also be used to make a tea against spring fatigue and to boost the immune system.

The most important things about meadowfoam:

  • consume only in moderation
  • slightly spicy tasting
  • harvest before flowering
  • as a salad addition
  • in soups
  • on buttered bread
  • in herbal dishes


Meadow smock is not only non-toxic but a delicacy, for example on a simple sandwich.

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