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Even if the name suggests it, the thrift (Armeria) is not a carnation. Instead, the grassy perennial belongs to the leadwort family. It is also known under the names standing grass carnation or rock garden carnation and thrives wonderfully in heather or rock gardens. Thrifts require little care, and regular pruning is basically not necessary.

Faded thrifts should be cut back

Cut back faded flowers

It makes sense, however, to regularly cut back faded inflorescences, as the perennial will continue to form new flowers until autumn. In this case, the gardener also speaks of “remounting”. The plant strives to produce seeds, so it will flower (and produce seed-bearing fruit) until it reaches its goal. Finally, the last pruning takes place in autumn in preparation for the winter break. Further measures are not necessary, because thrifts are absolutely hardy.

Cut cuttings in summer

In June or July you can also take cuttings and increase your stock of thrifts - either for your own use or to give to friends and neighbors. And this is how the propagation of cuttings works with thrifts:

  • Cut off young shoots about six to eight centimeters long.
  • These are cut off just above the ground
  • and should not have any flowers or buds.
  • Clean and sharp household scissors are sufficient for cutting.
  • Plant the cuttings in seed pots with sand.
  • Alternatively, a mixture of sand and peat is also suitable for cultivation.
  • The humidity should be increased, as the cuttings will then root more easily.
  • For this purpose, place the potties in a propagator or
  • stretch translucent film over it.
  • Keep the substrate evenly moist.

The cuttings will start to take root after about six weeks. You can tell when the young plants sprout. Now you can remove the foil or take the growing pots (€16.68) out of the greenhouse. The young thrifts can finally be planted outdoors in autumn or the following spring.


Instead, the cuttings can also be grown in a cold frame.

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